Studio Rental

Creative space for lease, shared with other working artists. Upside is a great spot to develop your art career.

Note that we do not offer private workspaces, although we do have two shared meeting rooms upstairs.

Also our CNC equipment generates substantial wood dust, so the space might not be suitable for painters, or other artists working with sensitive surfaces.

Lease terms start at 6 months, and monthly rates at $500, depending on space requirements.


Upside is home to a supportive community. You’ll work alongside professional artists, amateur makers, and eager volunteers. We like to encourage and inspire–we’re all here to make each other better.

More about our current tenants and staff.


Our large indoor space (25’x60′ footprint) has high ceilings (28′), outdoor backyard for painting, mezzanine for desk work, industrial shelving for storage, and a 14′ roll-up door for big deliveries.

When larger projects land on your plate, you can expand as needed using project leases.


Q: What media are welcome?
A: All types of creatives are welcome, but our space is especially suited to woodwork, paint, LED/electronics, welding/metalwork, jewelry, sculpture, and papier-mâché.

Our space may not be suitable for artwork sensitive to dust or noise, or projects that require dedicated space or privacy.

Q: How much space is available?
A: Most of our space is usable every day. Tenants can temporarily reserve space for multi-day projects, when cleaning up between working sessions is impractical. For large or long projects, we offer project leases.

Please contact us at to discuss your space needs.

Q: What’s the process for new lessees?
A: It’s a pretty simple process:

  • Get a tour and discuss your needs
  • Sign our lease agreement and safety waiver
  • Set up recurring monthly payments (via Square)
  • Take training classes for CNC (optional)

Q: Are dedicated spaces available?
A: Only temporarily, when reserved on a per-project basis. Fortunately, we find that most projects can operate well in shared space with enough communication and grace.

Q: How does sharing work?
A: Sharing space requires tenants be flexible, communicative, patient, and forgiving. Artists communicate directly with one another, and use our coordination tools (e.g. Slack, GCal) to avoid conflicts. Hug it out, y’all.

Q: Can I try using the space before signing a lease?
A: Absolutely! Just sign up for a monthly membership, use the space for a while, and decide if you like our vibe.

Q: Is storage space available?
A: Yes! See details here.

Q: How is studio rental different from membership?
A: Society membership provides 24 hour access and use of communal space. Work stations are to be broken down and cleaned at the end of each work day. Membership is perfect for someone who isn’t ready to make the commitment of a daily work schedule. Storage fees are additional.

Whereas studio renters enjoy a dedicated storage area and may include a dedicated workspace. This is perfect for someone who works full time, has employees or needs to secure a larger work area.

Q: What if I have other questions?
A: Just email us.