Members and tenants have access to our community tool bay, and can request new acquisitions as needed.

* Training or skill verification is required tools with asterisks–just chat with our Equipment Team before first use.


CNC router*, 4’x8′ table
CNC laser*, 150W
Drill press
Band saw
MIG welder
Vinyl cutter, 34″
3D printer* (x2)


Circular saw, corded
Circular saw, battery
Power drill, corded
Power drill, battery
Impact driver (x2)
Palm router, corded (x2)
Nail gun
Orbital sander, corded
Chop saw
Miter saw
Soldering iron
Hot glue gun


Screwdriver, Phillips-head (x10)
Screwdriver, flathead (x10)
L wrench (x10)
Socket wrench
Box wrench
Crescent wrench, adjustable
Hammer (x3)
Rubber mallet (x3)
File and rasp (x5)
Center punch (x2)
Scribe (x2)
Screwdriver bits
Drill bits
Hole saw set
Bar clamps / spreader (x10)
Speed square (x5)
Square clamp
Pry bar
Tape measure (x3)
Angle finder (x2)
Spirit level
Moving dolly
Hand truck (x3)