Become a Member

Our membership program welcomes all kinds: artists, makers, hobbyists, volunteers, patrons, muses, and accomplices.

Members contribute $83.33/month, and receive full use of the space and equipment, 24/7, and invites to all our events and big builds. Your dues support local artists and the community. It’s like a gym membership for your creativity muscles.

Casual creators and friends might also consider our Supporter level. It includes fewer benefits than the Member level, but costs only $23.33/month.

Benefits for You

As a member, you’ll be one of us. That means:

  • 24/7 access to the workshop
  • Access to our community tool bay
  • Two free hours on CNC router and laser per month
  • One free 27-gallon bin for project storage
  • Training classes for equipment and techniques
  • Learning from professional artists
  • Invitations to artist socials, performances, and auctions

Impact of Your Support

Your monthly dues help us provide affordable workspace for artists in the heart of San Francisco, which is:

  • Equipped for working with a variety of materials, from metal to wood to electronics
  • Easily accessible via public transit–vital for volunteer teams
  • Conducive to growth and skill development via collaboration and mentorship between artists
  • Flexible enough to accommodate even very large projects
  • Welcoming to all genders, colors, cultures, and identities

Our workspace is a dream come true for us, and we are super grateful to have your help in making it sustainable.


Q: How does joining work?
A: It’s a pretty simple process:

  • Click “Sign Up Today” above to setup Square autopay
  • Email to schedule your welcome tour
  • Visit to take the tour, fill out waiver, and receive a key
  • Join and email to introduce yourself
  • Take training classes for use of equipment (optional)

Q: What equipment is available?
A: We have almost all of the equipment needed for woodworking, metal working, and electronics.

This includes computer controlled equipment. We have a CNC router (4’x8′), CNC laser (36″x51″), Glowforge, vinyl cutter and two extrusion 3D printers. We also accept requests for and donations of equipment.

After two free hours per month, Laguna CNC time is $60/hour and Laguna laser time is $20/hour. Pay via the QR codes attached to each machine–on the honor system. All other equipment (including Glowforge) requires no additional charge.

Q: Are annual memberships available?
A: Yes, and we offer a 10% discount for members who pay annually. You can sign up for annual billing here.

Q: Should I clean up between working sessions?
A: Yes. Upside is a shared space, and there might be other people who need space before you get back. Fortunately we have several options for onsite storage. If it’s impractical to clean up, just chat with our Ops Team about temporarily reserving space.

Q: Do you accept donations?
A: Yes! Monetary, material, or equipment donations are all gratefully accepted. Please just contact us to discuss.

Q: What if I need more space for a big project?
A: Exciting! We offer project leases for team builds.

Q: Is storage space available?
A: Yes! Every member receives one 27-gallon bin for project storage on our industrial shelving. If you have more stuff, lots more options are available here.

Q: Do I need to be a member to use the CNC machine?
A: Generally our CNC machines are exclusively operated by members or tenants with a studio lease or project lease. If you only need occasional CNC jobs, we recommend hiring one of our experts.

Q: How is membership different from studio rental?
A: Studio renters enjoy a dedicated storage area and may include a dedicated workspace. This is perfect for someone who works full time, has employees or needs to secure a larger work area.

Whereas society membership provides 24 hour access and use of communal space. Work stations are to be broken down and cleaned at the end of each work day. Membership is perfect for someone who isn’t ready to make the commitment of a daily work schedule. Storage fees are additional.

Q: How are supporters different from members?
A: The Member level is designed for creatives who regularly initiate their own projects, and so includes use of power tools, equipment, and project storage. These folks are serious about making art, so $83.33/month is not a bother.

The Supporter level is designed for more casual creatives and friends, who volunteer to help with projects, create their own projects sporadically, or simply want to help make Upside a sustainable place for the creative community. So for these folks we offer lower-priced access.

Q: What if I have other questions?
A: Just email us.