We offer various options for storing projects and supplies conveniently onsite at Upside 📦 🧰

Storage is a supplementary service, which can be added onto your membership or lease. We do not offer storage space for non-members.

All options require one month deposit up-front, refunded on emptying of space or return of empty bin.

Email to reserve your space. Usually we can set up new space in one week or less.


Our shelves in the Flamingo Room upstairs are especially convenient for desk projects, including electronics, sewing, 3D printing, etc.

72″ wide, 12″ deep, 12″ high

Storage shelves in the Flamingo Room


Downstairs bins are a great option for small project storage, including woodworking, metalworking, etc.

We issue standard, clear containers for our large, industrial shelves along both walls on the ground floor. Some are directly accessible at floor level or with a short ladder. Others can be reached via scissor lift.

HDX 27-Gal
23.5″ wide, 14.5″ deep, 13″ high (interior)

Because bins might be stacked, we ask all bins be kept under 50 lb gross. Bins are occasionally rearranged based on frequency of use.


Our storage bays are large, industrial shelves along both walls on the ground floor. They are accessible via scissor lift.

8′ wide

10′ wide

12′ wide

All bays are at least 42″ deep and 46″ high. Bonus space on the top shelf is included, but clients must be responsible for securing items. Upside will secure items on lower shelves.

We also offer bay slices by the foot, separated with a configurable divider:

2′, 3′, 4′, 5′, or 6′ wide

Storage bays (ambulance for scale)