Artist Spotlight

New Program // 2024

Mission District • San Francisco, CA, USA

At The Upside, we are excited to announce the launch our brand new Artist Spotlight program, which is designed to assist new artists connect with an audience and nurture those relationships moving forward.

Our objective with this program is to bring artists together with reassuring collaborators and resources to inspire confidence and enthusiasm in putting a show together and hosting the exhibition.

The Upside will provide the use of our studio to host a 1 day reception each month to feature 12 new artists throughout the year beginning in January of 2024.

We want to be the springboard for artists aspiring to develop their career. We are proud to be able to offer a nominal participation fee for those artists selected for the program.

There is no fee to apply for consideration and no commission split for any art sold during the show.

If selected, a participation fee will be required of the artist, on a sliding scale, not more than $150. This fee provides the artist with assistance in curating, promoting and hosting their show at our studio in The Mission District. The Upside will advise each artist on optimal studio arrangement and the best time of day to showcase their work.

Each artist will be featured/promoted on The Upside’s website and social media accounts during the month of their show. While The Upside will help to market the artist and their respective shows, each artist will also be required to self-promote their show on their own social media accounts and tag The Upside on those posts to optimize exposure.

Duration of each monthly show will be 3 hours long on a day/night of the week or weekend agreeable to both artist and the studio. Artists will have access to the studio for installation and set up of show the day prior to the event. Breakdown of the show and removal of art from the studio must be completed by noon the following day. Additional hours can be negotiated at the expense of the artist. Storage of art beyond this time is not available.

Our goal with this program is to create an approachable way for Bay Area artists to step into the spotlight and showcase their work with the least amount of angst. We are keeping expenses low so that artists can reinvest in their art and continue producing their creations to share with the community.

We hope to inspire artists to remain involved in the Spotlight program, assisting other participants in future months. Thus we require artists to be Bay Area residents.

We look forward to helping you grow!

Please complete this form to be considered for upcoming spotlights:

Thank you for your interest in showcasing your art with The Upside.


Q: Can I apply even if I’m not a “gallery artist”?
A: Yes! The program is specifically designed to work for artists with less traditional industry experience. The Upside would be proud to host even your very first show.

Q: Can I volunteer to help?
A: Absolutely! We have a number of supporting roles available, including photography, podcasting, physical installation, social media.

Q: Will refreshments be served at the exhibition?
A: Complimentary bottled water will be provided for guests attending the show. Artist may bring their own refreshments or The Upside has a refreshment package available for an additional fee.

Q: Is the $150 participation fee negotiable?
A: Yes, we operate on a sliding scale, since we understand many artists have financial constraints.

Q: Can artists play music during their exhibition?
A: Yes. We have speakers and an internet connection, ready to stream the playlist of your choosing.

Q: Can artists under 18 years of age apply?
A: Yes, although they will only be considered with the consent of parent or guardian and participation by at least one supporting adult.

Q: What if I have other questions?
A: Just email us at