Project Space

Rent space at Upside for your big art project!

  • Convenient location in the Mission District, just 4 minutes walk from 16th Street BART, with plenty of great food nearby.
  • 24×7 access for crew and volunteers, with 10pm to 8am quiet time.
  • Large indoor space (25’x60′ footprint) with high ceilings (28′), outdoor backyard for painting, mezzanine for desk work, industrial shelving for storage, and a 14′ roll-up door for big deliveries.
  • Lots of tools and machines for big builds, including CNC mill, laser cutter, welder, metal cutter, saws, and scissor lift.
  • Flexible scheduling; rent for days, weeks, or months.
  • Supportive community; work alongside professional artists, amateur makers, and eager volunteers.
  • Modest cost; we target 10-20% of overall project budget as rental fee for a typical (6-12 week) build.

We really do love large format sculpture–it’s kinda the reason we exist. Rainbow Bridge, Phoenicopterus Rex, and Cone Down were all made at Upside, which debuted at Burning Man between 2017 and 2019.

Check out our gallery to get a feel for the space day-to-day.

To discuss your project, just email us at

Rainbow Bridge painting day with volunteer crew, July 2018