Radiant Nights


Thursdays 6pm to 11pm Pacific, as announced
Email radiants@lookingup.art to ask about the next event


Upside Artspace
1333 Minna Street
San Francisco, CA 94110


Every week is different, but these are fairly common:

  • Making art
  • Launching your dream project
  • Learning new techniques
  • Experimenting with materials
  • Connecting with new collaborators
  • Commanding robots
  • Sharing tasty food
  • Firing ze lasers
  • CNC’ing wood
  • Welding metal
  • 3D printing


Do I need to be a member to attend?

Nope. Although we do strongly encourage regular attendees to join as members, to help support the building.

Is there a group chat?

Yes, indeed, it’s #radiant-nights in Looking Up’s Slack.

What does RADIANT stand for?

Responsible Adults Doing Interesting And Noteworthy Things

What does it look like?

Kinda like this:

Radiants breaking for a group photo, December 2021

Are there any restrictions?

New attendees need to sign a safety waiver.

Quiet time begins at 10pm, so we can’t operate the CNC router or any other power tools later in the evening.

Can I learn to use the CNC router or laser?

Not at Radiant Night. Learning how to use these is fairly involved, so we offer classes, taught by a professional. Email manager@upside.art if you’d like to sign up for the next class.