About Us

Upside is a new and rapidly evolving art space. So if you have ideas or questions, please contact us–we’d love to chat.


Looking Up Arts

501(c)(3) non-profit creatively directed by Josh Zubkoff and Srikanth Guttikonda, dedicated to creating public art while fostering a community around it.


Geary and Hyde Design

Founded and led by designer Ryan Montgomery, producing a range of projects from large scale installations to smaller signs and custom commissioned artwork.

Ollie Newth

Lighting artist based in San Francisco who focuses on large-scale public installations.

Photo credit: Andrey Frazão

Michael “Zee” Weinstock

Multimedia artist based in San Francisco for the last several years. He currently focuses on multi-dimensional laser cut wall sculptures and installation fabrication.


Phil Spitler

Creative technology artist based in San Francisco. He has gained a reputation for his ability to create innovative and unique light-based art, as well as augmented reality and other creative technology installations.


Jocelyn Parrish

Art Facilitator • Building Manager

Cody Smith

General Manager


The original structure at 1333 Minna Street was built in 1946, and long housed Goorin Bros, eventually inspiring their line of hats with the same name.

After sale in 2010, new owners commissioned Interstice Architects to design a new structure, and construction completed in 2014. It was a shared space, both for automotive and art projects, and startups like TrussWorks and Camus Energy.

In 2021, the space was re-established as a full time art workshop, officially becoming The Upside. Check out our gallery to get a sense of the space these days.

We love giving tours! Click here to schedule.