Active users of Upside Artspace should subscribe to our discussion list:

Use this list to:

  1. Share plans for using certain areas
    • ex: We’ll be storing partially welded segments in the back yard for the next couple of weeks; please feel free to move them if you need to.
  2. Ask for help with simple tasks
    • ex: Will anyone be around Thursday afternoon, who might be able to help unload steel from the delivery truck? It should take 15 minutes max.
  3. Announce your art or events
    • ex: We just put up a new stairway piece, it’s the pink and red one, called Blushing Brushstrokes. $600 if anyone wants to take it home–let me know.
  4. Take care of each other
    • ex: We’re planning to order Burmese at 7:30pm tonight; please send me your request if you want anything.

Do not use this list to do any of the following–discuss these privately or contact when necessary:

  1. Call out bad behavior, especially naming people/teams
    • ex: Hexagon Team left dirty dishes in the sink for the second time this week, and it’s just gross.
  2. Propose new rules for the group
    • ex: Can we agree to not put anything heavy on top of the shipping container–if it falls it could really hurt somebody.
  3. Advertise anything other than art for sale
    • ex: If anyone needs an impact driver, I’m trying to sell mine for $60–works great I just don’t need it any more.
  4. Ask simple questions that the Ops Team could answer
    • ex: Does anyone know where the folding tables are supposed to be stored? We’re done using them now.

Messages from non-members are moderated. Archives are preserved.